Opel Pay is geared towards the two members of every transaction. The customer and the merchant.

This is way too generalized so we’ve narrowed it down even more to a subset of both.

Brick & mortar and their regulars

Thankfully, I am a regular at a lot of establishments and I have lots of friends who own brick and mortars.

So this means that Opel Pay can be built with my wants / needs & their wants / needs.

The downside to that is that I’ll miss out on the soul searching that most people do when they have to find users.

So I’d like to do further soul searching so that there isn’t a disparity in the product when it likely solves only all of my needs.

A method for product development

Therefore, I need to analyze regulars and brick and mortars. I need to do case studies for my own sake to write down problems, etc.

Sadly, I don’t think I can publish case studies as it’s a little too personal to those businesses, but I’ll try and offer some insight into this process so others can learn from it.