What is the purpose of tips?

Obviously, to reward the service provider for good, avg, or bad service.

It doesn’t relate to the actual product, but the service.

How do tips work?

Well typically I start at 20%, because it’s easy to calculate and then round up to the nearest dollar.

If I get bad service then I do like 15% rounding up to the nearest dollar.

I think something that I’ve observed though is that tips are personal.

I have a friend who either tips 25% or 5%. So it really need to encompass several options.

Perhaps, 15, 20, or 25?

How should tips work?

Well, I’ve received some bad service and still gave the server a decent tip.

I’m questioning if that’s the best practice though, because it rewards bad behavior.

I’m thinking it should be more difficult to tip less, but bad experience should be made aware.

I’d like to tie in feedback to bad tips at some point.

What should a UI look like for tips?

I’m leaning towards a stepper (plus/minus) of some kind I think. I’m also thinking about aligning it on the right side of the screen, but horizontal.