When creating a product (whether it by physical or digital) your greatest advantage is focus.

I’m starting to understand that it’s most important for me to say no to a lot of things and yes to only a few.

“Productivity starts when we say no to a lot and yes to a few.”

So what is the focal point of Opel Pay?

Where do I start? It can go anywhere, literally anywhere.

Cambr allows me to issue debit cards?

I have…

  • A solution
  • A growth opportunity
  • A problem
    • Regulars get the best experience, but customers in general don’t.
    • So we focus on creating regulars & their habits.

Cheers is dead.

How do we cultivate regulars?

  • Teach & Show

If I were to choose the biggest problem in hospitality what would it be?

  • Feedback
  • Knowing and fixing when a customer is having a problem?