You have a restaurant, a bar, or maybe even a grocery store? What do these things have in common? They seem totally different, but all are experiences. Or they should be! If your endeavor doesn’t provide an experience than you should change that.

When you have an experience it’s difficult to understand how to improve it without a large cash infusion or additional employees. It’s easier to blame your problems on external factors than to understand the small steps it takes to get somewhere big.

The Framework

We’re all familiar with 5 star reviews. It’s what customers expect from their experiences. A 5 star review is when everything the customer can anticipate goes right.

The way to expand your experiences is by thinking in terms of 6, 7, 8, and 9 star reviews. It’s a thought experiment to understand what are gradual things you can do to expand your experience.

An Example

Let’s take a coffee shop for example.

A five star experience at a coffee shop would be if they…

  • Make your drink right
  • Make it in a timely fashion
  • Are pleasant to talk to
  • Have a space that’s inviting (clean and nice to look at)

So now what would a 6 star experience look like?

  • What if they knew what you were going to order and handed you the drink as soon as you walked in?
  • What if you could keep a tab and didn’t even have to pull out a card every time?

What about a 7 star experience?

  • What if they added a drink just specifically for your tastes?
  • What if when you walked in the door they let you skip the line?

Now, let’s get crazy. Let’s do an example of a 10 star experience.

  • What if all of the above happened and Ryan Gosling was behind the bar making drinks?
  • What if while you were talking to Ryan Gosling and he’s making your drink you got a brand new suit perfectly fitted to you.